M WOODS is an independent, not-for-profit art museum founded in 2014 by collectors Lin Han and Wanwan Lei, and co-founded by Michael Xufu Huang. Housed in a former munitions factory in Beijing’s 798 Art District, M WOODS opened to the public with a permanent collection based on the founders’ private collection of international art.


To be ‘new’ is of no intrinsic value for M WOODS; an alternative set of guiding principles organizes the collection, which stretches beyond narrow notions of art history to enfold positions as diverse as those of Olafur Eliasson and Buddhist sculptors from the Northern Qi dynasty, or Paul McCarthy and the followers of Hieronymus Bosch.


In describing the wide focus of the museum, M WOODS has espoused a core of three fantastically huge beliefs, namely that art should be Free, Alchemical, and Timeless (FAT).


“FAT Art” encapsulates the expanded narrative the museum seeks in its program and collection, and has come to represent the ambition to remove delineations of time, geography and medium and to focus on a universal quality across all art forms.


Alongside the exhibitions, the museum runs an education program manifest in talks, events, film screenings, and art activities for all levels of engagement. In 2015, M WOODS received official not-for-profit status in acknowledgement of its cultural services to the public.




Lin Han, Founder
Wanwan Lei, Founder


Michael Xufu Huang, Co-Founder


Emma Law, Head of Program


Yan Shuang, Managing Director


Kiki Zhu, Chief Director of Exhibition Program 

Caresse Yan, Chief Director of Exhibition Program

Cao Yuanqi, Connoisseur of Antiquities Supervisor


Messi Luo, Press & Communications Supervisor
Dai Yan, Communications Officer

Alan Yang, Communications Officer
Tian Yu, Design Supervisor
Yan Longfei, Designer

Gong Bin, Collections Manager

Zhang Yuhan, Manager of Exhibition Program
Yu Haowei, Exhibition Space Operation Supervisor

Tan Jiayu, Exhibition Space Operation Officer 

Wang Yue, Senior Assistant


Li Cong, Director of Special Projects


Alexandra Ashley, Education and Public Programs Manager


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